Get Up! Stand for your rights!

(Political, RIS CA 2013)

this was very inspiring, she is very good at translating the Quran in today's world. we need more women like her.

Date: 2015-11-22T13:12:27.000Z | By: Amel Fouz
Subhan Allah this applies to not only every public speaker/activist but everyone else as well! This is a topic that is generally not talked about because sadly many people (including myself) only see the "perfect" side of public speaking. And what I mean by this is that when viewing the lectures (etc..) that public speakers/activists do, we tend to only see the positive. Sr. Dalia had straight-forwardly shown that there are ups and downs, but you can make those "downs" ups! It really just depends on your mind set; subhan Allah something as horrible as slander can be turned into something positive just by the way you perceive it!  Alhamdulillah Islam truly is beautiful!! ^_^

Date: 2014-12-29T02:55:01.000Z | By: lavishly veiled
Dalia Mogahed is she a sister to Yasmin Mogahed?

Date: 2014-12-05T21:47:53.000Z | By: Julio Kosters
As Salam Aliekom

Well done Sister.

I am One such Woman not a Warner but an Nurturer, Encourager, Empowerer, Supporter, Inspirer and I have a job to do and I intend to do just that inshallah with the Participation of My Army, My Group, My Team that includes all Mankind.

Like the Prophet I too threw my Fists at Allah and Asked Why Me, I am Overweight, Indebt, A Single Parent What Could I Possibly Do?  Then I asked Allah for a Sign and he sent three Suns in the Sky so I got down on One Knee and told Allah I Would Do as He Wished but in My Own Good Time.

Then My Life was laid to waste for 16 years and during this time I was given a Copy of the Holy Quran and Surah Al Zal Zalzah Spoke to Me and My Work is Inspired by this Chapter of the Holy Quran the Chapter of the Earthquake.

Ma Salam

Sister Anne Marie Elderkin

The Earth Personified is Risen and I am Not Alone when You are on My Team, In My Army, One of Our Leaders participating in a Great Debriefing and a Great Sorting Out into Skills Development Groups Sorted Out.

Date: 2014-01-09T03:28:19.000Z | By: Anne Marie Elderkin
Hi..when are you going to upload hamza yusuf's talk..??

Date: 2014-01-08T10:14:05.000Z | By: Zizo 86
As know her brother is just so great so she also good enough .
Only one thing is little bit conceren is camera movement not like islamic standard .

Date: 2014-01-05T02:49:42.000Z | By: MD Hossen
Salam alykoum
May Allah bless you for sharing this lecture
I learn a lot
Baraka allahoufik

Date: 2014-01-04T21:04:58.000Z | By: oumoufarah
I'm really hoping you upload Shaykh Hamza Yusef's 2013 talk. 

Date: 2014-01-04T19:55:37.000Z | By: Hemendotca
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